Brimworthy, Defined.

by Chelsea Swain

To build a Brimworthy life & business means to fill up your life with the unique to you meaningful things that expand your capacity for joy and abundance, so instead of pouring out your goodness all day, you can overflow it into the world!

What’s amazing is you don’t have to flounder trying to figure this out. 

We believe as parents and believers that we have a special role in the building of God’s kingdom here and being burnt out does not share the light of God like we were intended to do.

The simple truth is that when you align with God and your purpose and surrender the fears your ego puts in place (we hear at Brimworthy believe this is the enemy’s favorite tool) to align your head, heart, and gut instead you break the illusion of the limited experience of the world. 

There are many many ways to do this, one tool we use at Brimworthy HQ is the Enneagram but we literally have a toolkit of 100’s of things and are constantly learning and bringing in more experts to help you find the right tool for you.

Have you ever seen those families who have sold all of their things, quit their day jobs, and started travelling the world full-time with their kids? That is one version of living Brimworthy! But that is THEIR version of it, the key to actually living fully alive is finding what things make YOU light up and willing to selling everything you own to do. What things make you feel like you could burst with joy whether you are being paid to do them are not?

You can choose these things and even use them to make less than exciting things more enjoyable. It will not happen all at once but overtime as you figure out what things are Brimworthy (worthy of filling up your life with) to you, it will get easier to choose them and you will notice that choosing them not only feels good but literally expands your capacity to choose more of them!

You break the illusion of time and begin living the width of your life when you stop trying to simply survive the length.

Helping people find and choose what’s Brimworthy to them is our mission and we love hearing everyones unique take findings on their own Brimworthy journey.

So, what’s Brimworthy to you?

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