3 Books That Can Help You Build Your Dream NOW

by Chelsea Swain

The Big Leap

My first session with a coach ever… I was teetering on the edge of SEVERE burnout. But I was also in the process of launching some of the most amazing client projects and products of my own career. I was crossing a threshold I had never and I was SABOTAGING hard. Before the end of our call she said this book was to be required reading for me. Not only did it change my life by showing me how to move past the upper limits I was facing but it also opened the door for me because the zone of genius of the man who wrote it shares the same zone of genius as me. Wondering what all of this talk about upper limits and zone of genius even means? READ THIS BOOK. Change your life. We are doing a deep study on this book in the Burn Bright Society in July 2021!

Atomic Habits

If you have been following my journey of developing the Brimworthy brand for long you know that I have been wading in the waters of learning about quantum physics, time, God, and what exactly is the nature and purpose this reality we (or dimension ha!) we occupy and how to experience and share the beauty of it. I didn’t want to read this book. It felt too… what’s the word… limiting. Turns out, I WAS WRONG. Also, make a habit of being cool with being wrong and expanding your opinions with new info, life will get better. This book is a very clear way to understand what I even mean by choosing to live a Brimworthy life. It is a guidebook to understand what your vessel is meant to be and what input you need to put in to overflow the things that fulfill that purpose! We are currently studying this book as a group in the Burn Bright Society right now and I can’t wait to help everyone implement these things!

A Wrinkle In Time

I’m not kidding. I think this should be required reading for every person. It both nurtures the “inner child” and breaks the time space barrier in a way that has nothing to do with “magic” but everything to do with potential and faith. This book changed my life when I read it in the 4th grade and I’ve been reading it ever sense. Now I do up my game with books like Quantum Christianity by Aaron Davis now but please do yourself a favor and allow your brain to explore the reaches it wants to in a fun a way with the original A Wrinkle in Time! Watching the movie does not count, it is not the same, love you enough to be blunt and tell you to site down with this hard copy in hand!

And yes, you have time to read. Trade 10 minutes of IG scrolling for 10 minutes of reading. Xoxo.

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