What is the Enneagram?

by Chelsea Swain

The Enneagram is simply a neutral tool that has been used for many things in many area’s of life, nature, spirituality, and psychology and it’s uses are still unfolding!

Enneagram (ennea = “nine” gram = “drawing or diagram”) is a tool for understanding what motivates us and where we are not living fully. It is a way to learn the language of our ego, our heart, and to sharpen our discernment of what is to help us grow in our God given purpose and what is fear keeping us smaller so we do not rely on faith. It shows us where we are repressing our multi-faceted amazingness we were created to express!

Not all who study the Enneagram are believers, but we at Brimworthy believe God is using this tool for His glory and to help people see where they can grow in their purpose and connection to others. We believe as entrepreneurs and parents trying to build the Enneagram is one of the most helpful things you can do to strengthen your CEO and CVO muscles so that you can find harmony in your life business by learning to use your head, heart, and body instead of trying to DO IT all and burning out without seeing where you need to humbly surrender your weak speaks to God and let Him be your business partner 🙂 

Bonus: What it isn’t.

A box! A labeling system! A fortune teller. A personality test. Evil. The answer to all of life’s problem. A tool to be used to control others or for judgement. 

If you love learning about the Enneagram and also how to practically take action to use what you’ve learned to build the beautiful dream you’re called to, join us in Club Brimworthy!

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